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Monday, January 14, 2008

Florida, you deserve better then this from your state medical board

Today I feel like throwing some rhetorical grenades!

I'm reading today's New York Time health section when I came across another article about cosmetic medicine encroaching on retail environments, "Having a Little Work Done (at the Mall" when the photo below caught my eye.

The photo's caption reads "At the Sleek MedSpa in Aventura, Fla., Martha Mena undergoes a procedure to dissolve cellulite. Lorianne English, a nurse practitioner, gives the shots as Ms. Mena’s friend Erika Galan looks on."


Let me get this straight: You have an unsupervised allied health provider (a nurse practitioner in this case) in the mall delivering off-label medications in an injectable form they're not approved for, which also have a track record of potentially serious complications.

Is the Florida State Medical Board asleep at the wheel? While Florida is liberal with scope of practice issues with their nurse practitioners and physician assistants, I'm taken aback that this is not being scrutinized closer. I got interested enough that I sent an email to the office of Quality Assurance in the state medical board asking for a position on this. I'm sure they'll get back to me el pronto. (snark!)