Sunday, February 05, 2006

Living in the fishbowl

I've got to confess a guilty pleasure........

Celebrity Plastic Surgery sites. There's a number of these around which take great joy in pointing out the various procedures that certain celebs may (or may not) have had done. The picture to the right is of notorious socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, whom one might charitably describe as having been over-operated on.

The grand-daddy of these sites Awful Plastic Surgery has the best content I think.

What amazes me is some of the really bad work some of them appeared to have despite the fact that many of them could afford the premier surgeons in the world to do their surgery.

A few rules that should be mentioned that you see violated in these photos over and over:

1. Don't put over-sized breast implants in, especially over the top of the pectoralis muscle. You end up with aged looking breasts that are wrinkled, rippled, and bottomed out.When you put larger implants in, you ensure a short-term "lease" of your breast shape.

Premier Dallas breast surgeon,John Tebbetts has been the most passionate patient advocate on this.

2. BEWARE silicone cheek implants. There is no greater freak-inducing look then bad implants

3. Volume replacement with fillers may be preferable to many traditional face-life & eyelid surgeries to avoid the tight, "wind-swept" look of face-lifts and the "corpse-like" effect of defatting the orbit with aggressive fat-removal during blepharoplasties.

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Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you get a plastic surgeon who thinks he knows everything but has very little experience, no humility and a closed mind.

You get deceptive advertising and awful results.