Thursday, March 09, 2006

Insurance Program for Cosmetic Surgery

There's an interesting new service available with cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmet Assure, is an insurance program covering complications from many of the larger cosmetic procedures. For less then $200 you can purchase up to almost $250,000 of coverage for catastrophic care.

What many patient's don't realize, is that your health insurance contract usually has some disclaimer that lets them refuse to cover any complications specifically from cosmetic surgery. This is not always enforced, but there are a number of horror stories where a patient has had a severe infection or pulmonary embolus (blood clot to the lungs) requiring VERY expensive hospital care and their insurer has subsequently refused to pay for their care.

I have no financial stake in CosmetAssure which is based here in Alabama and the brain-child of local Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James Grotting. However, like many of my surgical mentors, I have decided the risk/benefit ratio for this program is worth it for both my patients and my peace of mind.


Dr. Tony Youn said...

When I looked into this type of cosmetic surgery insurance I was told I'd have to pay a fee for every patient I operated on, whether they had insurance or not. Is this what you found? Otherwise, I have found that any serious medical complication usually gets covered by health insurance (not that I have many of these!).

Dr. Rob Oliver said...


Most health insurance contracts have specific clauses to opt out of covering complications relating to cosmetic surgery. While most major complications have in fact been payed for, there are enough horror stories around from our colleagues where it's been an issue that I think it's a no-brainer for my practice.

Even a simple hematoma/bleeding take back can be several thousand dollars out of pocket if you were doing the case in the hospital.

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