Thursday, April 27, 2006

ASAPS meeting

I've just returned from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting in Orlando (to which I do not belong to as yet) This is one of the two largest meetings of the year in Plastic Surgery and attended by surgeons from all over the world. I got to see a lot of different concepts presented by the "talking heads" in Plastic Surgery, who contribute most of the published articles in our field in any given month.

Thru some oversite on their part, I was able to slip thru the cracks ;) and present a review during the Emerging Technologies panel of my (and several other Surgeons) experience with the Ivivi, a pulsed electro-magnetic field devices for treating pain and swelling in Plastic Surgery. I'm told the presentation was well recieved. I believe that this device is poised to explode in popularity and indications in many areas of medicine. (NOTE:If you scroll down, you can read my previous post on this subject from January)

Some speakers I really enjoyed in particular:

-Pat Maxwell's & Jack Fisher's (both from Nashville,TN) lectures on patient safety, reoperative breast surgery, and combining augmentation & mastopexy procedures

- Peter Rubin & Dennis Hurwitz's (both from Pittsburgh,PA) course on body contouring in the massive weight loss patient

-Patrick Tonnard's (from Gent,Belgium) minimal access cranial suspension facelift (MACS)

- Osvaldo Saldanha's (from Brazil) concepts of liposuction/abdominoplasty to decrease complications

I also had the pleaseure of meetting, Dr. Linda Li and her husband, of Dr. 90210 fame while riding on one of the shuttles between the resort and the convention center. She is as nice and charming in person as she comes across on television.

In the next few weeks I think I'll outline some of the interesting topics and concepts from this meeting.



Dr. Tony Youn said...

I've met Linda and her husband at the last ASAPS meeting and I would agree that they are both very nice. I also know Dr. Robert Rey, and contrary to popular opinion, he is a gracious guy. I'm not a big fan of the MACS lift, but to each his (or her) own.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...


Again, I couldn't agree more about Linda & her husband.

As for the MACS lift, I've got a blog entry coming together in my head on this. It's definately got it's limits, but a face lift you can do under local with less downtime is an increasingly attractive option for patients and surgeons.

Thanks for checking in with us!