Saturday, May 12, 2007

Plastic Surgery blogs

The syndicated New York Times piece out this last week on Plastic Surgery/aesthetic medicine blogs is the second story I've been interviewed for about about blogging.

The other, a cover story in Plastic Surgery News (a publication of the Amer. Society of Plastic Surgery) titled "Battle of the blogs Negative web logs targeting surgeons increasing – but tools to fight them are available." can be read full-text here.

While it's nice to be noticed, I think I'm characterized in the NYT as a little more Ralph Nader-ish then with the voice/tone that I actually write with. Over the next week or two, I think I'd like to touch on a few things that patients have misconceptions about when they come see a Plastic Surgeon.



Anonymous said...

I have noticed (and this is somewhat biased, since I can't afford surgery, but I sure would like to do some stuff), when someone has plastic surgery, they always look better, smoother, but not younger. This is a curious thing, and I am not sure what I am seeing that makes us look approximately our age, perhaps at most 10 years younger. But that is only, if one is 60's , so we look 50's, but we never look like we are 20's or 30's. Why is that?

Cosmetic Surgery said...

wow great read! I think Plastic surgery is great for people who lack confidence because of their appearance. Critics of Plastic Surgery are just insensitive!