Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nice.....another contest winner to have breast surgery by a non plastic surgeon just completed a promotion at the Erotica-LA convention, a sexuality and lifestyle exposition, which culminated with its second annual free boob job giveaway. Much like the contest in Florida we discussed in the April post here, " Does it make sense for an E.R. Doctor to do your breast surgery?", the "plastic surgeon" doing the breast augmentation is also in fact not even a plastic surgeon at all. (I guess things are "improving" in that unlike the former episode, this doctor at least trained partially in some kind of surgical residency)

The surgeon, "Dr. S", in this instance is not a Plastic Surgeon by training and apparently is not even board-certified by any board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) . You'd have a hard time knowing that by the somewhat deceptive way many physicians like this market their practice (I don't mean that perjoratively directed at "Dr. S." BTW) . When looking on the Internet or thru the Yellow Pages, these doctors will call themselves Plastic Surgeons or the catch-all "cosmetic surgeon", and pay to have themselves listed in directories of real Plastic Surgery physicians.

If you see someone with a lot of "board certifications" next to their name but not The American Board of Surgery/Plastic Surgery (ABPS) or membership in the Amer. Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), they aren't a Plastic Surgeon in most instances. Most egregious are ones like the obnoxious American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery which were created out of thin air and are not recognized by the ABPS or ABMS (the gold-standard organization for credentialing physicians) and do nothing more then to confuse patients.


Dave Stringham said...

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Anonymous said...

People, please. We're talking about SURGERY here. Yes, it's elective, but it's still surgery. Don't enter contests for "boob jobs." And always, like it said here, look for a plastic surgeon who's board certified, because it's not just about you looks, but about your life. I'm not a surgeon, but I work with a breast augmentation surgeon in Indiana. Here's a little information about what board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) means: the surgeon possesses a four year college degree; possesses a degree from an accredited med school; successfully completed a minimum of 5 years surgical internship and residency; has practiced plastic surgery for at least 2 years; and has passed oral and written exams and peer reviews. Look for it. Demand it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that advertises on this site should be .. i don't know, punished. It is so demeaning to women. It is as close to selling your body as you can come. the most recent advertisers I have seen are some orange county plastic surgeon and breast implants 411. terrible...just venting..i feel terrible for these young girls.