Monday, February 25, 2008

The ghost of "Bond Girls" past - What you can learn from Britt Eklund's aging face

You know you're having a bad week when you end up as a featured celebrity on Awful Plastic Surgery. Britt Eklund, former James Bond uber-chick, agent Mary Goodnight from 1974's "The Man With the Golden Gun" (the definitive Roger Moore-era Bond picture for my money), was the guest of honor last week with Awful Plastic Surgery zeroing in on her "trout pout" from over augmented lips. Poor Britt is still stinging from being voted in Entertainment Weekly (here) as the "6th Worst Bond Girl" in 2006 (Denise Richards character, Dr. Christmas Jones, the hot pants wearing nuclear physicist takes top honors for "The World Is Not Enough" BTW)

In 2007 that is usually achieved with an off the shelf filler like Juvederm or Restylane, while in years past it would have been collagen, fat grafts, or the occasional Gore-Tex implant.

Yeah, I guess her lips are pretty noticeably enlarged, but it was probably the least of her features that I zoned in on. She's got a very instructive feature on facial aging. Take note of her upper eyelids from her 20's versus her late 50's.

In her youth, she has full eyelids with very little upper lid skin showing. Presently, she has fairly hollowed out lids and lots of eyelid skin visible. These changes can happen naturally, but they're also the byproduct of classic upper lid blepharoplasty surgery. Many patients come in with the idea that a youthful eye should show lots of lid skin, such that they can apply lots of eyeshadow in that area.

Survey fashion magazines and take note of the models eyes. You'll see the same phenomena in that a youthful lid is full, quite often low, and shows little skin. We've undergone dramatic reinterpretation of oculoplastic procedures in recent years to recognize the actual problems. Gone is the axiom of taking as much skin, muscle, and fat so as to make the lid completely flat, even when the patient requests it. Many eyelid super specialists like Dr. Steve Fagien from Boca Raton,FL (the most elegant and logical speaker on this for my money) have gone to minimalist approaches resecting tiny amounts of skin, while using fat redraping,fat grafts, or fillers to augment the area.


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