Wednesday, August 27, 2008

actor Gabriel Olds on women who've had plastic surgery -Put your asshat on, Gabe!

So B-list actor Gabriel Olds pens this piece for the August 2008 Glamour magazine titled, "Why men crave real (not perfect) bodies". It's funny when Jerry Seinfeld breaks up with a woman for having "man hands" in a classic Seinfeld episode, but you it's tacky when you're that frank in a print column.

Fine. You certainly can make thoughtful and plausible arguments why we all should ignore contemporary ideals of female beauty (real and imagined) and realize inner beauty for what it is. You do NOT have to do it in a dickhead tone of voice which alienates said women. Monsieur Olds quickly falls off the cliff quickly in that regard with his narcissistic article.

The women commenting to the article certainly had their fangs out over this:

I have breasts implants, and before I got them I spent my entire life being ridiculed by both men and women. I had absolutely no breasts. I was nothing but a nipple and I always felt like less of a woman. I couldn't find clothes that fit well, bathing suits were a nightmare, and shopping for bras was nearly impossible. I made the decision to undergo breast augmentation not because I wanted to be "perfect," it was because I wanted to be "normal".

I would like to say first, how presumptuous of Mr. Oldnutsack to assume that we should reveal our own medical history before we have even had the opportunity to see the size of his dick.(OUCH!)

I mean really, to dump someone/doubt their honesty because they didn't immediately tell you about a surgery?! I highly doubt you would go around telling first dates or third dates even, "I have ED. I have a dangling penis, so I take Viagra to make it perkier."

this author is SHALLOW. He had one superficial date with a women he is PHYSICALLY attracted to and he is writing her off! He is obviously not interested in getting to know her on the inside. I am a psychotherapist. People like him need to take a good LONG look at them selves and be honest about why they are afraid of intimacy. It is clear to any one reading this article that his motive was purely sexual. If the author wants perfection then he will need to accept that perfection is achieved by alteration and that anything natural has flaws. A word of advice: Try to shake your narcissism, mister. It's unattractive to women. Hey, are you sure she didn't dump you after she felt YOU up!



Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty strong reaction to an article about a guy being a guy...stating his mind even though it goes against sensitivities of the enhanced and those that enhance them.

So some men don't like the (obvious) way some breast jobs look and feel, so what?

Anonymous said...

He liked my implants... So I am confused...