Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oliver Plastic Surgery's new home (and name) - coming January 2009!

Sneak peak for today! 

My good friend and colleague, Dr. Jason Jack, and I are busy working on moving our practice to our new home in suburban Birmingham. Hopefully we're set to open in January 2009. What's exciting has been the chance to design from scratch, an office to accommodate a 21st century Plastic Surgery practice.

I've learned more about fire codes, environmental issues, work flow theory, electrical engineering, and architectural design ten I've ever wanted to know about.

One thing I'm particularly excited about is the ability to offer a state of the art office surgery suite which will offer us tremendous flexibility and convenience for our patients for cosmetic procedures. It also makes us less vulnerable to the random and often pernicious pricing patterns that hospitals and anesthesia groups have for cosmetic surgery in a hospital setting.



Jeffrey said...

it looks good from outside! :) be sure to share some pictures of the interior / state of the art facilities

Seattle Plastic Surgery on Lake Union said...


congrats on the new office. can you tell us who is your medical architect?