Saturday, October 25, 2008

Plastic Surgery 101 takes on the big apple + Alloderm and breast surgery

Sorry for the gap in posts! It's been almost 2 weeks and I just haven't been "feeling it" for updating the blog.

Presently I'm in lower Manhattan at a symposium on the use of Alloderm in breast reconstruction surgery. Alloderm is produced from human skin where the proteins which would ordinarily cause you to reject the tissue graft have been removed. What's left is a "living prosthetic" that can be used to reinforce the body's tissues.

Alloderm has gained popularity in breast reconstruction as it allows us to bridge the concepts of traditional reconstruction with techniques we use in breast augmentation. I was kind of an early adopter of using Alloderm over 3 years ago in response to some of the limitations of the techniques I was taught during my training. At this point, Alloderm (or related products) are used not infrequently by many surgeons.

I'd like to briefly mention two restaurants here in NYC that my wife and I had wonderful dinners at

Bouley - where I'd strongly recommend the 5 course Chef's tasting menu. Magnifique!

The Tribeca Grill - Great steak! Very affordable for a nice restaurant in NYC.



Kimberli said...


I've noticed that the my patients in whom the PRS guys use Alloderm seem to have less post-operative pain. I'm not sure why since the subpec dissection seems the same. Have you any thoughts?

Gregory Buford, MD said...

I have used Alloderm on several occasions for reinforcing repair of the IMF following bottoming-out. Although I don't have significant numbers yet and the FU is limited to a few years, so far the results seem to be holding up.