Friday, February 06, 2009

Plastic Surgery Specialists - Our new office's grand opening!

Well we moved into our new office this week. Wow! What an incredible amount of logistics for a (relatively) small construction project. We're working on the office OR suite accreditation and hope to be doing cases by April on site.

For directions click here.

I continue to be incredulous over office surgery regulations (or thereof). It's amazing that a family practice doctor, OBGYN, or radiologist could go to a weekend course and start performing major cosmetic surgery in a un-inspected exam room without scrutiny or real oversight. My partner and I on the other hand, designed an OR suite that exceeds hospital standards and will require ongoing QA and inspections. To build, furnish, run, and accredit this is expensive (think hundreds of thousands of dollars) but worth it to provide a safe environment.

Once again, I call on states to address this area of office surgery more closely.



scott sattler md facs said...

Rob, are you guys going with Medicare, AAAASF or another type of certification? Congratulations on the near-completion of your facility!

Dr. Rob Oliver Jr. said...


If I thought the more expensive joint commision/medicare inspection would let us bill facility fees to medicare then we would have gone that route. As it is, we're going to to the AAAASF which is the most popular accrediting agency and a little less costly

David said...

Congrats Rob. It sounds like you're really building the practice!

Thomas Fiala, MD, FACS, FRCSC said...

Congratulations on your new AAAASF OR. Although it's quite a bit of work to set up, you will really enjoy the flexibility that having your own place gives you, compared to a hospital or surgery center.

Best wishes,
Tom Fiala, MD, FACS