Saturday, July 24, 2010

Latisse (the eyelash drug) has been a raging clinical success

Quick thought of the day:

After dispensing Allergan's Latisse medication for enhancing eyelash growth for over a year now, I'm officially impressed. It is hand's down the single most reliable treatment we offer to patients, and I have not seen anyone who does not respond well with it. Part of it's popularity is also the relatively low price tag (~ $120-$130 for a 2 month supply).

The "off the record" advice I have for Latisse users is that I think you can actually use it less frequently then daily and maintain results. I advise patients that once they get to a good clinical result that they try every other or every third day for application. Rationing the medication like that can make a single box extend for 3-4 months instead of 2 without much diminishing results. A good cosmetic budgeting strategy in these times!



Jen said...

Thanks for a very informative post on Latisse - I was researching it for a survey document on cosmetic procedures and found your post quite helpful.

Ashley said...

Latisse is SUCH a good product. Thanks for writing about this!

Dr Naomi said...

Maybe Latisse will help me get over my eyelash extension addiction.
Thankyou for posting