Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ways to (nearly) ruin your life 101 - Choosing an Atlanta eye doctor to do your breast augmentation surgery

This summer there was an awful instance of medical negligence in Georgia involving an eye-doctor (opthamologist) who had major complications while attempting to perform breast augmentation surgery in his office. You can hear a frantic 911 call from the doctor explaining that he has encountered uncontrollable bleeding he created while during her breast implant surgery and has no idea how to fix it. Since the patient was under only local anesthetic (with presumably mild oral or IV sedation) during the operation, she told reporters that she heard the call go out to 911 for help and then her doctor saying that he couldn’t stop her bleeding. Can you imagine how horrifying that must have been listening to that conversation?

You can view 2 video news clips on the story here & here.

This is a really frightening story as it highlights the proliferation of unqualified and untrained physicians attempting to practice cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. If you are not trained in plastic surgery you should not be performing these procedures PERIOD. The inability of this eye surgeon to handle routine issues during breast implant surgery and the patient safety issues it raises should cause state medical boards to get involved with scope of practice issues and office based surgery regulations.



Phillis said...

Australia is widely known for its horror stories set in the outback, where bodies are mutilated by hack saws etc... but now our plastic surgery industry is topping the charts with SAD but TRUE stories. Dr. Morris Ritz, from The Melbourne Institue of Plastic Surgery was sued by Kerry Mullins who won her case in what has been desribed by a leading law firm as "the worst case of medical, plastic/cosmetic malpractice seen". Mrs. Mullins went to see Dr. Morris Ritz for a breast lift and tummy tuck but was sold $25,000 (that's Australian so it would be a LOT MORE in US Dollars) mommy makeover- lots more procedures that were later deemed extremely dangerous, under one long EIGHT HOUR operation. Each should have been done separately. Mrs. Mullins ended up with a very agressive infection, which Morris Ritz did not follow up on=-He sent her home from the first hospital, knowing she had problems, and never saw her again! She was sent by another doctor to the emergnecy section of a hospital where surgeons had to perform 22 operations - cutting away at her breasts, bit by bit- in order to save her life. She was in agony in hospital for four months. She is now seriously disfigured- Mutilated by this man's lack of any duty of care. It's been on Australian sixty minutes under a segment called The Beauty Trap by Tara Brown. Now, Dr. RItz is flogging macrolane- breast blow ups by injection- for a sum of money that is ludicrous beyond belief. Especially as women in Europe have told me it doesn't last very long and it's really painful- but not according to Dr. Ritz who made sure he got his own TV segment to flog himself as the first doc here to do the trials, despite it not having yet been passed by our goods and administration authority. Now, I'm sorry, but if I were Kerry Mullins, I would want to smack Dr. RItz hard in the face. In fact, as a woman who saw Kerry Mullins and what she went through, I want to slap Dr. RItz anyway !! Has he learnt nothing? Does he have no heart??? He told Kerry Mullins to stop breast feeding a baby in order to have breast implants, then he ignored her when it all went bad: Let me tell you, when a doctor's insurer settles out of court in this country, you KNOW it's BAD -THOSE ruthless pigs are almost as bad as Dr. RItz himself- so they settled, which means they didn't want to run the tisk of going to court and having to pay all the costs if they lost- so, Dr. MOrris Ritz, clearly has learnt nothing. If I'd made those kind of errors at "work", I think I'd focus on something else for a while= You know, like, maybe he should stay away from women's breasts for a while- like- for EVER. Sorry but Who the Hell does this guy think he is??? Even out of pure and simple respect for Kerry Mullins, he should NOT have promoted his breast blow up gel on natioanl TV. I'm not against plastic surgery, but I think plastic surgeons should undergo serious psychiatric examinations before they are allowed to practice. I mean, WHY do they do it? MONEY? POWER? I would say that would be the reason for most!! And the power thing is really dangerous. There's nothing quite as scary as a man who thinks he's god, chopping away at a woman's body. Think about it.... It's not the patients who need the psychological evaluation. It's the doctors. Some of them are fantastic and really do put their patients first,. But others, well, what can you say??? Others are without any moral compass whatsoever.

Lyra said...

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