Sunday, July 11, 2010

What to look for for well done breast augmentation surgery -The inframammary fold

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This post is kind of an "inside baseball" topic about what surgeons look at when we judge our own or others work. One thing I fixate on more and more with cosmetic breast surgery is the position of the inframammary fold (IMF). The IMF (in layman's terms) is an anatomic landmark created by adherence of connective tissue to the chest wall. It defines the inferior border of the anatomic breast, and it's location makes it the most popular place for an incision to place breast implants via the "inframammary" approach.

One of the things I look for in someone I've operated on or whom comes in for revision surgery by another provider is where a prior inframammary scar is. If the scar is stable and in the position it was originally made in then I'm satisfied the surgical dissection was performed well. If the scar is now residing up on the skin of the lower breast, that suggests over release of the native IMF during prior surgery. Once violated, that anatomic border is hard to reliably recreate. Just a little extra attention during surgery can prevent a lot of issues down the road as it relates to this.



breast augmentation said...

Most of the surgeon prefer to do the aerola this incision type is widely use since it is much easier to perform the implants near the breast.

Dr. Rob Oliver Jr. said...

And that's where you'd be wrong. Particularly with silicone gel devices, the periareolar approach is less favorable due to the length of incision required. For the next generation implants, it's almost impossible to do them without an inframammary approach.

Anonymous said...

Rob- good post- after reading and digesting Tebbett's High Five article many times, I'm finally getting my IMF scar to land right in the fold, and stay there. Its been a revelation. Especially compared to the BS I learned in residency training.

Philippine Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon said...

Great contribution you have there!
This can be of help for people who wants to undergo breast augmentation surgery".
Will be back to read more:)

Dean Greg said...

after all it is big efforts to bring all the darkness into the brightness about breast augmentation surgery. i would like to thank to Dr. Rob Oliver Jr. for the information that he actually did it about well done breast augmentation surgery.