Saturday, April 23, 2011

Addition by subtraction - Pro tennis player's Simona Halep's breast reduction

Back in 2009 I wrote a post titled "Pro tennis player Simona Halep's cups no longer runneth over." (yes I was making bad puns then too) which highlighted WTA tennis player, Simona Halep, a promising Romanian junior tennis champion who's progress was being hampered by her very large breasts. Later that year she underwent a breast reduction surgery from a DD to a C cup bra size and has made steady progress with her career and is currently ranked #65 on the world tour. Today, Ms. Halep reached the final of a WTA event in Morocco and will play for her 1st WTA tour level title tomorrow.

 BRAVO! As shown below, it's easy to see how Ms. Halep's mobility should have been greatly improved by her surgery. It's hard to argue with results.


                                                  POST OPERATIVE in  April 2011



Plastic Surgery London said...

It is not funny how plastic surgery can totally change your body.
It's pretty obvious why she had her breast reduced.

Plastic Surgery Clinic said...

Damn! She def needed a breast reduction there. Im sure her chances of winning will be higher. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Halep has been a head-turner much because of her breasts. After undergoing breast reduction, her performance in tennis can be improved. Probably, despite that, she can live up to the expectations of her countrymen. :)