Thursday, July 13, 2006


Funny story involving an onstage fight between two strippers who got into in an argument on stage with a third. In the midst of the action, one upped the ante and stabbed another with a broken wine glass, creating a weapon that punctured the woman’s right breast and ruptured her implant.

I love this quote in the article "Justice Deborah A. Satanove was told that the attackers had become perturbed with the stripper’s ‘arrogant demeanor and disposition’."

I got a chuckle over this as I saw a similar scenario during residency where two dancers got into in the dressing room with a nail file. One of them showed up in the trauma bay with about a dozen stab wounds from the nail file, including one of her implants.


ang said...

what happened to the girls? did they have to get their implants removed? Did they get an infection? Strippers are crazy ya'll.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

I presume she went on to have her implant replaced.

Michelle said...

Just another day at the office..JK.
Thank god that doesn't happen everyday! I haven't read this story until now. I file assault with a deadly weapon charges agaisnt that girl for popping an implant.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

I'm sure there were aggrevated assault charges. On a related note I saw someone suing some Canadian police officers for rupturing an implant while arresting someone for drunk & disorderly conduct!