Monday, August 28, 2006

Christopher Hitchens - American Hero (via the U.K.)

Now for something completely removed from Plastic Surgery........

An amazing ten minutes of television was on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO over the weekend. Vanity Fair columnist, Christopher Hitchens, was a panelist on the show in an incendiary and brilliant segment. For those of you not familiar with the 'Hitch, he is a witty & sardonic British ex-pat who is the ultimate contrarian. He's also my hero and someone you never want to miss when he's on TV.

In the span of ten minutes he silences both Bill Maher & the left-leaning audience with a searing dismissal of pavlovian responses to our President and the fight against the rise of Islamic fascism. He was truly a shark among minnows in the intellectual firepower department as well as also managing to give them the finger (see picture above) in a devastatingly effective way.

The video can be downloaded here.

I'd like to thank The Malcontent blog for the video capture.

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Anonymous said...

You might think twice about raving over Christopher Hitchens - if you're practicing in the heart of the Bible belt, that could offend a few patients. The "conservative" portions of our media attempt to keep a lid on his views concerning Christianity so that good Americans like ourselves won't know who he really is (and to hide the fact that our "conservative" outlets like Fox are far from patriotic, God-fearing, and conservative as they like to espouse).

You should google Christopher Hitchens and read what he has to say about Christians. His anti-Christian views are so passionately held that they seem very irrational (which is out of character for him, as you know). His belief that our Constitution is "godless" is far from the truth, and he obviously lacks an understanding of the founding of this great nation.

True conservative Americans who care about the future of this country need to hold those in power who claim to have those same values to account, or else the degradation of the last forty years will seem like nothing compared to what we're going to see in the next decade.

Dr. Rob Oliver said...

Hitchens' view on religion are definately a bit more "continental" then mine. Despite being politically conservative myself, I'm progressive enough that our likely differences on that are not deal-breakers for my respectt for his intellect & wit.

At least in terms of religion and it's role in society, he's pretty much in line with most European (and many American for that matter) intellectuals.