Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ENT (ear,nose, & thighlifts?) nailed by California for playing Plastic Surgeon

As if some people really doubted my earlier blog entry on ENT doctors and others who were performing procedures arguably well outside the scope of their training.

An Irvin,California ENT (head & neck trained)surgeon was sanctioned by the California Medical Board in July for not telling a patient before performing a thigh-lift procedure that he was trained in ear, nose and throat surgery. The doctor was also cited for allegedly failing to appropriately treat the post-surgical wound complications and for not keeping accurate medical records. This episode is noted in the July report by the California Medical Association.

Performing complex body contouring procedures without the proper training documented is going to be hard to defend in court, even if the Physician in question has performed them before. Plastic Surgeons do not delight in these kind of public displays of bad judgement by other providers, as it's clear that the the public unfortunately does not largely understand the distinction between us and other medical specialties when it comes cosmetic surgery.


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Anon said...

This is similar to what I posted in my blog just recently. The cosmetic surgery practice needs a facelift when it comes to certain rules and policies. The present situation puts the patients in a very unfavorable position.