Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Really funny column about "chickens" (external breast enhancers)

Funny, funny anecdotal piece written by a dancer about her life with her external silicone bra inserts (aka "chickens") over at Click here to read it. These semi solid silicone (say that 3 times really fast) inserts mold over your breast get their nickname from resembling raw chicken breast when you look at them in the box.

From "Put in Your Chickens and Face the Jazz Hands"
"But this was not enough! I was an actress, dammit, and everybody knew that actresses needed boobs. Plus, I was going to college in the fall, and everybody knew, at least all the people who watched "Girls Gone Wild," that college girls really needed boobs.

And thus, chickens entered my life."

There's some great stories about the occupational "hazards" of flying chickens during professional dance auditions which you'll have to read for yourself.

At right is Baron Bob's "Flying Slingshot Chicken"

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