Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Digital nipping and tucking coming to Hollywood

The forthcoming reimaging of the medieval epic, Beowulf, on film is going to feature some technological advances that could revolutionize both movie making and the "arms race" of movie stars having to have (beyond) perfect, youthful faces and figures. Wearing body-suits with LED circuits which give studio animators the ability to have complete control over any number of physical features, actors can have "perfect" faces or bodies made for them with the click of a mouse. A variation of this was used in Lord of the Rings where actor Andy Sirkis created the Golem character on a sound stage in one of these suits.

Angelina Jolie (pictured at right from Beowulf) was apparently "augmented" in a number of subtle ways for the film (as if shes needs it!). This technology has evolved substantially past the odd looking visuals of dreadful "The Polar Express" movie a few years ago to the point where we're threatening photo-realistic landscapes and people that are wholly generated. This begs the point of whether eventually movie stars as we know it could be replaced by voice actors.

The New York Post speculates that this technology can eliminate Plastic Surgery
"Because of this technology, absolute perfection can now be achieved," says Martin Grove, Hollywood Reporter Online columnist. "Dieting, working out and plastic surgery can become a thing of the past because computers can now do all of the work....Body doubles aren't going to be used much at all, and neither are plastic surgeons, for that matter," says Grove. "If more and more directors use this technology, stars won't have to ever work on themselves, they'll just work on getting these jobs."

I suspect that as long as the paparazzi is "kind" enough to continue taking candid pictures of celebrity cellulite off screen that there will be enough business to keep Hollywood Plastic Surgeons gainfully employed.

Ms. Jolie could have used such a digital touch-up for her funky body art collection she's accumulated at this point.

Angelina, please stop with the tats!

Seen below is the "erasure" of Ms. Jolie's relationship with form beau, actor Billy Bob Thornton.

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