Friday, November 09, 2007

Stripper Mistakenly Sent to School.....(Thanks, Mom!) and how stripper sales tactics mirror other business

From The Newsvault:

A teenage schoolboy in the UK was pulled around his classroom on a leash and spanked by a stripper after a birthday surprise mix-up. The teen's mother had ordered an agency to give her son a 'surprise' on his 16th birthday - and the teacher had also agreed to allow the surprise. But it all went wrong when the company sent a stripper dressed as a policewoman instead of a man in a gorilla suit - in what it called a booking error.

One student told Sky News: "She asked the lad to stand up, which he did, and told him he had been a very naughty boy because he hadn't been doing his homework."

"Then she put on some Britney Spears music and got out a collar and leash from her bag and told him to put them on." After walking the boy around the classroom and spanking him with a whip, the action got even more steamy.

"She took off some clothes until she was down to her bra and pants, pulled out some cream, put it on her buttocks and told him to rub it in," the student said. It was at that point the shocked teacher - who had not been told what the surprise was - called an end to the show. A spokeswoman for the school in Nottinghamshire said they were investigating how the incident happened.

What strikes me as so surreal is that up until the massaging cream on the butt, that the teacher was just watching this kid being lead around in a dog collar while being spanked with the rest of these 16 year olds. Too, too funny!

While doing "research" looking for a picture to frame this post with, I stumbled across something funny about how strippers and business tactics. It made me reflect that cosmetic surgery/medicine and strippers are alike in how sales are done.

From the Wise Camel Blog

Sales Technique #1 - Give them something for nothing One of the first things a stripper will do is come up to you and flirt with you. She will likely sit on your lap or do something to raise your excitement level. For this, you have to do nothing. But you do get a sample of the service and if it is a good one, your chances of buying the service increases. This also applies to the dances they do on the stage.
Sales Technique #2 - Understand your customers Strippers get to know their customers by asking questions. This allows them to develop a rapport and tailor the sales pitch…
Sales Technique #3 - Tailor the Sales Pitch Strippers will try different sales pitches to different people based on what she thinks they like. “I like to get dirty” or “Have you seen my great ass?” or “My tits are real”. Each pitch may be the one thing that converts the potential customer into a buyer. (Pointing out a tight ass works well for me). And she revises her pitch based on experience.
Sales Technique #4 - Make sure you are selling a great product/serviceShe knows she has to have a great product. If she put on 30 pounds or hadn’t showered for the past 4 days, she would likely not get as many customers. Regardless of how great of a salesperson you are, you can’t do much with a crappy product/service.
Sales Technique #5 - Provide Good Customer ServiceShe will make sure you are happy on your first dance or she won’t get repeat business or won’t be able to do what she ultimately set out to do…Upsell.
Sales Technique #6 - Upsell She sells the customer on a relatively cheap service, a lapdance, but then markets her other services to them. She tries to get them to the “champagne room” and sell an upgraded service, which is where the money is at. However, without the first sale, she would never get the larger sale. Customer acquisition is tough. Once she does it, she needs to get as much business as she can.
Sales Technique #7 - Closing Techniques. She will use a variety of closing techniques to get you to buy her services. There are a variety of closing techniques, but two popular ones used by strippers are the compliment close (usually flirting with you) and companion close (getting your buddies to push you into closing the deal).
Sales Technique #8 - Target your audience Strippers market to individuals that are interested in her service. First, she works in a strip club where guys go specifically for her service, that is obvious. But she also knows which guys to go after within a group or which groups will likely spend the most money. Spending time with cheap-asses only wanting to pay a dollar for a dance will not be a wise use of he precious time.
Sales Technique #9 - Persistence Even though the audience is qualified, she knows she will get rejections. Even so, she will go up to every guy and ask if they need a lap dance. She also knows that the more guys she asks, the more yes’s she will get.
Sales Technique #10 - Branding I don’t know any strippers that are named Ethel, Mildred or Agnus. Instead, you will get the pleasure to do business with Cookie, Destiny, Candy, or Raven.

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