Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The economic meltdown for dummies (via Rick Ferri)

No Plastic Surgery today!

If you've watched the chaos in the financial markets and wondered how in the heck this happened, I'd like to point you a conference call by the investment management company, Portfolio Solutions. I have no money invested with this company per se, but I do admire one of the principals there, one Rick Ferri. Mr. Ferri is an accomplished author of financial books like the super, "All About Asset Allocation" and a regular contributor on the Boglehead Forum (a site concerning index investing as advocated by Vanguard Investments founder, John Bogle).

Mr. Ferri's discussion of the mechanics of how we got to where we are is really interesting and Ferri is an excellent communicator, even for "dumb skin doctors" like me.

Click here to go to the archived speech.


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holt said...

another good site for explaining what is going on is the http://baselinescenario.com/ blog run out by MIT B-school.