Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kayne West's nurse cousin now being investigated in Donda West case

The death of Donda West, mother of hip-hop star Kanye West, the day after undergoing plastic surgery last year was big news. The surgeon involved in the case received a great deal of criticism and the implication was that he'd commit ed some horrible malpractice on Mrs. West.

I talked about this last Spring (see here), going over the autopsy report that was released online. The report vindicated Dr. Adams of some technical mishap, but was inconclusive on what actually caused her death. I speculated she vomited and aspirated with subsequent respiratory arrest, a not uncommon scenario we see in hospitals and nursing homes in elderly or infirmed patients.

A new wrinkle is being looked out apparently. Could Donda West's death be from an overdose of her pain medicine given by her cousin? I still think my aspiration idea is more plausible, but the role of pain killers could be a component in that mechanism (ie. narcotics can cause post-operative nausea/vomiting and a stuporous patient is more like to aspirate). I'm not sure that's a fair suspicion to throw on someone unless her toxicology had abnormally high serum levels of her pain medicine.

From the UK's Daily Mail

Police have now launched a probe into the possible role of her nephew, Stephan Scoggins, 46, a registered nurse who was allegedly supervising her post-surgery care.

A source tells American magazine People that investigators are looking into the alleged possibility that Scoggins administered too much of the painkiller Vicodin in a short period of time.

The insider also alleges that Scoggins left West in the care of a friend and Kanye's assistant to attend a baby shower prior to her death.

Last January, a Los Angeles coroner ruled that West died of 'multiple post-operative factors,' clearing West's embattled surgeon Dr. Adams of responsibility.

An investigator for the California Department of Consumer Affairs has issued subpoenas asking individuals 'to testify in the matter of the investigation of Stephan Scoggins,' a source tells the publication.


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Anonymous said...

I am 2 weeks post-op breast reduction and I can't believe they sent Dr. West home after her procedure. I am considerably younger (and less wealthy) than her and I spent 24 hours in the hospital, where they watched me like a hawk. If I would have been forced to go home right after this surgery, I would not have had it.