Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ivivi technologies IPO today

Ivivi Technologies had their IPO today.

Wayyyyyyyy back in December 2005 I wrote a little blurb on Ivivi. The "widget" this company sells is related to pulsing magnetic fields used for wound care, pain, and stimulating blood vessel growth. Apparently (and the physics and math behind this are formidable) pulsing magnetic fields at specific frequencies can have profound effects on the signals cells give to each other. This manipulation clinically results in rapid proliferation of healing tissues and down-regulating inflammation.

I've been impressed with the pain-control qualities of the technology for some of my post breast cancer reconstruction patients. Any effect there may be on blood-flow to the skin is just a bonus in that respect for me. However, this potential for non-invasive stimulation of blood vessel generation/healing + reducing inflammation addresses part of the exact scenario induce by heart attacks and blunt spinal cord injuries. If research pans out in those areas this kind of technology could really become widely used which would bode well for a company like Ivivi or others making similar devices.

While I'm somewhat ignorant of the market forces & accounting that would make a companies stock like Ivivi worth owning, it seems that could be a lot of upside. I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and buy a small position today. wish me luck!


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