Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Silicone sisters run for the border

German police are hunting a quartet of surgically-enhanced women who legged it without paying for their treatment, the German newspaper Bild reports.

To help them in their search, Cologne-based plastic surgeon Michael Koenig has provided law enforcement officials with post-operative pics of the four - including 26-year-old "Tanya's" splendid new €8,000 implants taken before their proud owners "went out for fresh air" and never came back.

Koenig explained: "The women registered under fake names. After the operations, which lasted about an hour, they just ran away."

The other perps are listed as "Sabine" (boob job, €9,500); "Silke" (nose job, €7,000); and "Beate" (nose job, €7,000).

Koening says he now intends to ask for payment in advance

This story is so ridiculous that I've not decided whether this was a joke article or not. I have this surreal image in my head of a scene a la Fox's Prison Break with these women on the lam trying to run being tracked by dogs like in classic prison escapes.

As an aside, along this storyline and related to my previous expose on the history of bras, a kind of strange flash simulation from a British sports-bra maker exists, the "Bounce-o-meter" (I'm sure a guy thought that tacky name up) where you can visually simulate the effect of different exercise/activity on different breast sizes using some interesting flash animation.

I presume the names these women gave are the German equivalents of Stripper aliases (Sierra, Chastity, etc...) :)


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