Sunday, June 08, 2008

Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Blog

I'd like to direct some traffic to the really good Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Blog. Excellent original and insightful articles without the up front promotion that plagues many Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery blogs run by surgeons.
I've enjoyed their particular focused writing on rhinoplasty and facial aging!



rhinoplasty said...

This is another good rhinoplasty blog:

Plastic surgery South Africa said...

Thanks a lot for the links provided.

Breast Augmentation Costs said...

Thank you for the links!

Face Exercise Gal said...

I really like the post about LED light and Green Tea Extract cream.
How using a combination of this therapy can significantly reduce wrinkles and slow down signs of facial aging.
Thanks for the recommend read.

revision rhinoplasty beverly hills said...

Thanks for the links.There was a time when no one knew about the concepts of cosmetic surgery and got scared to do the same...things are different now and many are going ahead to do the same.

Atlanta plastic surgery said...

Thanks will check out that blog also.There is so much news in the field of cosmetic surgery and one needs to keep good track of them.