Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Conan the Barbarian's wants his breasts back.

Computer game publisher Funcom had to do some fixing of their popular online mulitplayer game when apparently a recent update of the game's software code left the female characters suddenly "breast deficient".

The MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures features partially nude female character models. Based on the original stories by Robert E. Howard and brought to the big screen in 1982 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the game takes place in the fantasy world of Hyboria, which combines fantasy elements with strong sexuality.

This issue has caused controversy all over nerd-dom with hundreds of messages left by players demanding Funcom bring their boobs back. Seen below is a pair of images whose player felt like they'd had a mastectomy.

"Funcom can confirm that some of the female models in the game have had the size of their breasts changed. This is due to an unintended change in data that was introduced in an earlier patch, data which controls the so-called morph values associated with character models and the size of their respective body parts. We are working on a fix for this and your breasts should be back to normal soon. The plastic surgeons of Hyboria apologize for the inconvenience."

Well at least they have a sense of humor about it!


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Ryan Miller said...

OK, as both a gamer and a consultant in the realm of plastic and cosmetic surgery, I gotta give you props for ferreting this one out of the news bin. It was good for a bit of a laugh at lunch hour.

That said...it would be a great bit of cross promotion if the gamers could have hired in game virtual plastic surgeons to have corrected the glitch. Of course their character would have then needed to spend 3 to 4 weeks avoid strenuous acivity like hand to hand combat or firing a bow (recovery stats courtesy of one of my clients, Dr.Rios in Naperville, Illinois, http://www.rios-lapinski.com/augmentation.cfm).

The pain would have been minor, so if we suspend anachronistic disbelief for a few minutes, the herbs available at the time should have been all tht was necessary to dull the pain.

LOL, thanks again for the good laugh!