Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doh! Obama's longtime personal physician says the President just doesn't get it on healthcare.

Those pesky septuagenarians just say the darnest things!

It's ironic that President Obama's longtime personal physician in Chicago, 71 year old Dr. David Scheiner, is on the record (see here) saying that the president does not understand the healthcare system or the changes that will be required to fix it.

He spikes the president on a number of issues including
  • having close advisers who have no healthcare experience

  • getting in bed with the trial lawyer's on killing malpractice reform

  • failing to understand the economic concerns of physicians and fair reimbursement


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Dr. Rob Oliver Jr. said...


I agree that Dr. Scheiner's idea is just as wrong in some ways as Obama's for coming up with a solution. His comment on a solution is what you'd expect from the POV of a primary care doctor working in an inner city environment with high medicaid, medicare, indigent patient populations.