Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plastic Surgery 101 is ranked #3 in Plastic Surgery blogs! I'd like to thank the academy :)

According to iScrub, Plastic Surgery 101 is now the 3rd best plastic surgery blog on the web. I demand a recount :)

Writing a blog has been an interesting discipline. It can be real hard to come up with something that I think is worthwhile talking about. Unlike some medical related blogs which seem more like Twitter level entries, I try to put enough effort to make it worth coming back to. With the new office and little league consuming most of my free time, I haven't been able to be as consistent with output as compared to a few years ago. In the "draft bin" I've got nearly 50 blog posts or ideas that I've not gotten around to finishing.

For plastic surgery blogs, I'd really like to celebrate Dr. R.L. Bates' "Sutures for a Living". I have respect for the quality, consistency, and complete lack of self-promoting B.S. that Dr. Bates brings to her blogging. Toni Youn's "Celebrity Plastic Surgery" & Joe DiSala's "Truth in Cosmetic Surgery" blog are about the only other one's I check on from time to time. Joe's was the first blog out there, followed by myself and Toni a few years ago. Most of the other blogs by Plastic Surgeons are extensions of their marketing campaign with little interesting original writing.



rlbates said...

Thank you for your kind words. You may well deserve that recount. :)

DrDiSaia said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Juat as an FYI my name is "John Di Saia," but thanks for the kind words nonetheless.