Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Breast Implants - a Prague hospital's alternative to an employee's 401K

Employee compensation is a tricky subject. During medical school and training you really don't get much background in running an office and you rely upon senior partners and "on the job" training to keep the office running. In this environment, many practices are tightening their belts and finding innovative ways to compensate employees. It's common at many hospitals to offer signing bonuses for new nurses, but in this economy they're exploring alternatives to.

Which brings us to a story about a clinic in Prague
AN understaffed Prague clinic has signed up nurses by offering boob jobs, liposuction and tummy tucks as a bonus.
Nurses, doctors and secretaries who sign up with the small private clinic for three years can choose their free plastic surgery.

"It has been a success," Jiri Schweitzer, a manager at the Iscare clinic, said, adding the establishment was now fully staffed and had to reject dozens of beauty-hunting job applicants.

Petra Kalivodova, a 31-year-old nurse who has been working at the clinic for four years, has had a breast implants - the most popular choice among nurses - so she underwent liposuction for her signing on perk.

"I have mentioned this to colleagues and friends, and the interest in working here is huge," she said.

The clinic charges up to 75,000 koruna ($5060) for a breast implant, almost three times the average nurse's monthly wage, and up to €1880 ($3380) for liposuction.

Many Czech nurses have been tempted out of the country by higher wages offered in western European nations and the Czech health system now needs about 6000 nurses in addition to the 90,000 it already employs, according to official data.


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