Friday, June 08, 2007

Beautiful -....You're so vain, you probably think this website's about you.

It seems that there are even "velvet ropes" beyond the club-scene to keep out the riff-raff in online dating these days.

Beautiful purports to be a dating service catering to the "special needs" of the beautiful. How do you get deemed as such? You submit your picture to the sites members who vote you candidacy for membership up or down, with results on full display.

As an experiment, I've decided to test the exclusivity of this club this using myself (who's happily married BTW) as the guinea pig on the application. After looking at some of the guys on the site, I'll defer the stock glamour-shot picture male picture of me topless, oiled-up and flexing, chest hair-less, and mugging my best Zoolander "blue steel" stare (pic. at right) for my plain old professional portrait thumbnail. If I can get voted in, then you know it's not a club you'd want to join as Mark Twain (or is it Groucho Marx?) used to quip.

I'll keep everyone posted on just how savaged I get with the Internet voting! Currently I'm not polling so well (????), so I guess I need to get my mother and wife to vote :)

Also from comes the results of an international survey of "attractive people" which can be viewed here.
  • 61 Percent of attractive English men would prefer their partners to have surgically enhanced breasts.

  • UK people surveyed claim to have between 10 and 15 different sexual partners per year.

  • 66 Percent of attractive UK inhabitants admitted to cheating on their significant other

  • 65 Percent of attractive UK inhabitants & a startling 81% of attractive Swedes expect to have sex on the first date

  • 66 Percent of attractive British & 85% of American one's believe their physical appearance has aided their success in life.

  • 75 Percent would not opt for a relationship with someone who had personality but was not extremely attractive.

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