Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery adventures in his own words

In February, I wrote about former Dead or Alive singer, Pete Burns', horrific problems from a series of procedures for lip augmentation (see "Adventures in Lip Augmentation") . There's a really interesting show from the UK where he candidly talks about his plastic surgery history. Surprisingly, he really struck me as a very likable guy despite his odd looks with some real insight into his obsession with surgery.

I found it striking how impulsive he seems to have been with a number of major surgeries. He tells the anecdote of his trademark eyepatch, which as it turns out was an attempt to draw attention away from a radically overdone rhinoplasty (nose job).


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Anonymous said...

it's sad. He was pretty attractive in the face back in the 80s but now it seems like he's trying to go for an Amanda Lepore look.