Sunday, June 03, 2007

Today's highly recomended FREE STUFF!

From time to time I like to point my audience out some free swag. Today I'd like to point you to Open-Office.

If you don't want to shell out several hundred dollars for various versions of Microsoft Office, the ubiquitous software bundle of word processor (MS-Word), spread sheet (MS-Excel), and slide show maker (MS-Powerpoint), there is a great alternative. Even better it's free!

the "Professional" version of Office 2007 is listed for $419 at Newegg is the world's greatest computer store for mail-order stuff BTW. They have everything send orders out almost immediately, have at or near the best prices, and have great return policies. I order from no one else in most cases! I hope my check is in the mail for the free PR :)

Open Office is a free-ware office suite contributed to by programmers around the world. It's extensively tested by users prior to release of it's updated version and uses the same file formats as MS Office so things produced in Office are able to be edited or displayed in OpenOffice and vice versa. It can effectively replace MS-Office for most users. I have it installed on a few of my computers that I was too chinchy to spring for Office on.

OpenOffice 2.2, the current version, can be downloaded from here at


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Lynoure Braakman said...

Open Office is _not_ shareware. It's free. Totally. No hidden charges, no pay-to-keep.