Monday, June 11, 2007

Mesotherapy in US News and World Report + Kansas bans mesotherapy!

Mesotherapy, off-label injections of soy lecithin & bile salts which are promoted to melt fat, is the focus of a story in this weeks US News & World Report entitled "A Shot to Melt the Fat?" which is a nice & sensible overview urging caution.

Several patients with disappointing results are quoted which is what I expect to see more of when this is more widespread. If you have big areas of fatty collection (lipodystrophy in doctor-speak) you likely won't do well with this. On the other hand, my curiosity is peaked with the effectiveness on smaller areas like under the chin and arm.

In other news re. to mesotherapy, the state of Kansas has apparently banned it for unrestricted use (story here from New Beauty magazine)requiring it be part of institutional studies. You may see that type of regulation spreading IMO.


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